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Carmen Sandiego

The Sticky Rice Caper 

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

In this 90's reboot graphic novel project, I created a

modern take on the original design for Carmen Sandiego.

Using assets provided by an outside illustration company,

I modified existing animated assets to fit a printed graphic novel production and layout. With an age range of 8-12

years old, I created an exciting and fun design easily adaptable to many ages.

FNL High Res.jpg
Carmen Sandiego Title Page


The early stages of this layout began with rough

animatic files which I placed to be sure to fill the

140 pages evenly and appropriately until final artwork

was available.

Carmen Sandiego Prep

Final interior design and page layout. Design, illustration, brand matching, and typography by Melissa Martin.


Carmen Sandiego Final Page 2

Other Final Pages

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