Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo designs for various clients and events. Each logo design is discussed with the client on it's goals and usage.

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A book cover required a logo representing LGBTQ in America. The client had requested to take design note from the new Netflix show Queer Eye and not to be stereotypical in the addressing of LGBTQ in this design. Each cover was a different color variation so in the end, the six books' logos did created a rainbow effect when side-by-side.


The client requested a logo to represent a Minneapolis based dog walking service that covers various terrain. Not only

city walking but travel to trails etc. I was given a stock logo and re-designed for this final product.

Happy Trails

An annual bike and brew event required a logo for t-shirts and merchandise to be bought by the attendants. This logo creation needs to represent a fun, easy going vibe. My goal in its creation is for strangers not involved in the event to ask where they can purchase the shirts on their own!

Bike and Brew


LGBTQ in America

TL Resume Header

This logo design was created to bring a bit of extra life to the client's resume and cover letter headers. As a member of the service industry, this was a modern way to dress up and catch the eye of possible employers. 

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